Important Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

After a lengthy Canadian winter, the arrival of warmer weather is a welcome sight, especially for those individuals who like to do their cruising on two wheels. There are literally thousands of motorcyclists that frequent Ontario’s highways and roads once the weather has warmed up. So it is important to consider their safety as well as our own whenever we are driving in traffic at the same time. If after reading this article, you would like to learn more, contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Kitchener

Motorcyclists are at greater Risk of serious Injury

Statistics have revealed that, compared to other types of vehicles, motorcyclists and their passengers are 15 times more likely to crash. Furthermore, the injuries that motorcycle riders sustain are more often catastrophic and fatal because of their lack of protection and the weight of the vehicle colliding with them. While some motorcycle accidents are attributed to reckless behavior, rider error, and speeding, other collisions are caused by the drivers of other vehicles.

Safety Tips for Drivers

As the driver of a car, SUV, truck, or van, you should always be aware of motorcyclists especially when there are more of them in traffic during the warmer months in Ontario. Here are some important safety tips to remember:

  • Despite being considerably smaller than other vehicles on the road, motorcyclists should still be afforded a safe operating space while they are on the road.
  • Maintain a safe distance when you are following motorcyclists as they may have to apply their brakes quickly in order to avoid branches, potholes, and other obstacles in the road.
  • Take some additional time watching your rear view and side mirrors when you know there are motorcyclists in traffic, especially when you are changing lanes or making a left or right turn at an intersection. Drivers not seeing motorcyclists when they are in their blind spots account for a large number of collisions.
  • Treat motorcyclists with the same amount of respect as you would other vehicles that are using the roadways. After all, Ontario Province alone 200,000+ motorcyclists registered on the books.

Proving Negligence

Identifying the cause of the accident is paramount in a personal injury case involving a motorcycle accident with injuries. A few of the common causes of motorcycle accidents that justify negligence include:

  • a defective motorcycle part
  • a motorist that was disobeying traffic laws or speeding
  • a motorist that was distracted by talking or texting on their cell phone
  • a motorist that was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Getting out on a nice day and are cruising the countryside on a motorcycle is a great way to enjoy the natural scenery around Ontario. It’s important that all drivers practice defensive driving habits so that we can protect all of Ontario’s motorists no matter what they drive. If there has been an accident, it is bets to get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer as they have worked on similar cases in the past. Motorcycle accidents are common especially in Ontario.

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